Membership Levels

This category is open to all organizations organized and registered as nonprofit corporations. The annual fee is $75 and members are encouraged to serve on committees and vote on matters brought before the general membership meetings.

Individuals or Small Businesses
This category is for individuals or businesses with fewer than ten employees. The annual fee is $150 and members are encouraged to serve on committees and vote on matters brought before the general membership meetings.

Large Businesses
This category is for businesses with ten or more employees. The annual fee is $250 and members may serve on committees and vote on matters brought before the general membership meetings.

Membership Benefits

  • Grow Business Relationships
  • Participate in Historic West Bottoms Renaissance
  • Collaborate with Neighbors
  • Generate Sense of Community
  • Business Spotlight Feature on HWB Website
  • Inclusion in Member Listing

HWB Endeavors

  • Public Infrastructure Improvements
    • 12th Street Bridge
    • 23rd Street Viaduct
    • Forrester Viaduct
    • St. Louis Street Bridge
    • Central Street Viaduct
    • Beardsley Bridge and Road
    • Phase I and II Sewer Replacement
  • Waste Recycling Advocacy Partnership
  • Strategic Plan

Member Listing

    First Name Last Name Company Phone Email
    Megan Adams Firebrand Collective 8169054378
    Kerry Amigoni Amigoni Urban Winery 913-302-0011
    Robert Asher The Ship 8164054217
    Jenna Baechle Charmed House Interiors The Painted Sofa 9136349543
    Chris Blaich Central Industrial Sheet Metal Works, Inc. 8168420701
    MIKE BOKARAE A2 9139084593
    Chris Boland The Quality Roofing Co. 816-472-4000
    Ben Bortnick BDB Properties LLC 9133832170
    Scott Brown Faultless Starch/Bon Mi Co 816-842-1230
    Luis Lorenzo Cadena Santa Fe Painting Inc. 9134756643
    Christy Chester Christy Steaks 816-223-7118
    Anna Cole WeBo Events 8163095336
    Jessica Davis KCNB LLC 7639579860
    Ian Davis Blip Roasters 8167296886
    Caitlin Eckard Jackson County Historical Society 816.461.1897
    Allie Edwards MTS Contracting Inc 8164210909
    Michael Ehr KCNB LLC 7346340907
    Tom Esselman PCs for People Kansas City 8167992390
    Doug Farchmin LS Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. 9136815888
    Aaron Fleenor Lunch Box 8164747526
    Rick Fleenor Standard Battery 8164218118
    Jeff Foster Hy-Vee Arena, KC-MO (816) 885-7434
    Michelle Freed First Missouri Bank 816-472-0645
    Erik Gaucher 8165504345
    Leonard Graham Taliaferro & Browne, Inc. 8162833456
    Heather Hamilton Love Local KC, LLC dba Ninth State 9135158508
    Bill Haw Livestock Exchange, LLC 8162214501
    Shawn Hensley Dana Container 9133214287
    Dan Hinrichs Rand Construction Company 8164214143
    Sean Hogan Diamond Merckens Hogan 816-471-4364
    Bruce Holloway Historic West Bottoms Association 8166786051
    Michael Hopkins West Bottoms Whiskey Co. 9135754193
    Jonathon Kemnitzer KEM STUDIO 8167561808
    Philip Krause Krause Law LLC 8168411391
    Vladimir Krstic Kansas City Design Center 8164215232
    John Krumme CamDex Security Corp. 913-621-6160
    Elliot Lahn 8th Mulberry Furniture Co 913-961-4769
    Shawn Lauby Kansas City Terminal Railway Company 913-551-2127
    Alex Lindsey West Bottoms Whiskey Co.
    Christopher Lingard BlueScope Buildings North America 9136361363
    Jeanne McGrath Holmes Drywall Supply Inc. 8164717595
    Brian McKiernan Unified Government of Wyandotte County Kansas City, Kansas 913-573-5040
    Muktiar Memon Mr. Memon LLC 6094125503
    Stephen Mertensmeyer Stephco, Inc. 8164215128
    Dan Meyer Rau Construction Company 913-642-6000
    Maria Moore Barclay Moore Inc 8165226522
    Jill Myers Moxie Industries 8165610384
    John Neal Central States Security, LLC 9132085045
    Boyd Nolen Pro Circuit, Inc. 816-474-9292
    Scott Phillips Boyles Famous Corned Beef 913-940-7760
    David Pulford Fern (816) 701-1015
    Mariah Randell Kansas City Design Center 8164215232
    Samantha Ridgway Radco 9136604936
    Lauren Roberts cfm Distributors, Inc. 9136450352
    Steve Routh Sierra Building Products, Inc. 8169856641
    Webster Ryan Superior Surface Solutions Inc 8164715227
    Tim Schulte Old Town Development Inc. 816-842-3267
    Susan Scott REMAX State Line Commercial Real Estate 816-668-7276
    Andy Sekhert Van Meter Inc. (913) 905-9311
    Jerry Shuck Pressure Systems Supply, Inc. (816) 471-3042
    John Smidt 720-244-4967
    Mark Spears MTS Contracting Inc 8164210909
    Jon Stephens Port KC (816) 559-3750
    Lee Stiegemeier Circle Sideways 9137067796
    Jacob Summerlin ReliefKC 9134497536
    Monty Summers Full Moon Productions 816-842-4280
    Monty Summers Full Moon Productions, Inc. 816-842-4280
    Anita Trozzolo EXP Realty, LLC 8166513003
    Eric Turner Forge Construction, LLC 913-915-0354
    David Turvey Kuneform Properties LLC. 7857667356
    CP Willis 816.392.0470
    Michael Zeller Flying Truss LLC 8166995808

Membership Registration

  • Nonprofit
  • $75.00
  • registered as nonprofit
  • open to anyone
  • Register
  • Individual/Small Business
  • $150.00
  • individual or businesses with less than 10 employees
  • open to anyone
  • Register
  • Large Business
  • $250.00
  • 10 or more employees
  • open to anyone
  • Register
  • Make a Donation
  • $1.00+
  • donate any amount
  • thanks for your support
  • Donate

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